31 Dec 2017

23 Dec 2017

26 Nov 2017

Is it grey or gray?

Ciao guys!

Long time no see. How was your week? For me it was fun, actually and I have had a fantastic weekend, celebrating one of my friend's, Saule, birthday!

19 Nov 2017

Sea melancholia

Ciao! Am I the only one, who can't wait for Christmas? Looking for gifts to other people, making Christmas cards, and eating that special Christmas food.

15 Oct 2017


You may think, why I have chosen my blog title differently, from the other ones. You may think, why I am starting today differently, not like usually. I have thought about some changes. And this day has come today.

13 Aug 2017

Trip'17 Sweden: tips and travel


So this week Tuesday I decided to visit my bestfriend R┼źta, who lives in Sk├Âvde, a small city in the centre of Sweden.

30 Jul 2017

Why nobody eats in Toulon?

Ciao! New Sunday, new weekly post on my blog! As I said to my previous post, this time I am writing about Toulon. There are  few questions, that you may ask:why have I chosen to live in this city & why nobody eats in Toulon? Interested to know? 

24 Jul 2017

Summer travel 2017

Ciao! So sorry for late blog post, I was just traveling so I couldn't write anything. However, now I am back! This blog post is going to be about my trip and why do I prefer such an unusual traveling way. Let's start from the beginning.

11 Jul 2017

How to always look stylish: closet must haves

Hey! Every girl in her life struggles with the same questions everyday "What to wear?" or "What to wear to look stylish enough?" In this post I will write where in my opinion person should invest and some outfits for good look.

28 May 2017

What to wear: sport

Ciao new post on my blog!
So this time I chose to do some dressing up tips, which is related to sports theme. As you know summer is that time of the year, when weather is finally warm enough to do some sports outside. Also I have received a lot of questions about my sport habits and looks. So this post is due to these reasons.

26 Mar 2017

19 Mar 2017