24 Jul 2017

Summer travel 2017

Ciao! So sorry for late blog post, I was just traveling so I couldn't write anything. However, now I am back! This blog post is going to be about my trip and why do I prefer such an unusual traveling way. Let's start from the beginning.

You should all know that I was traveling by bus. I guess this is the best traveling way, if you want to see as much as you can. For example I love that mountain view, which can be seen when you are driving from Austria or Swiss to Italy. These mountains are so beautiful, I could only imagine how many photoshoots I would do there. So I was traveling through many countries like Italy, France, Germany, Swiss, Lichtenstein and Austria. My trip's main goal was city in France Toulon. There will be more posts about Toulon on my blog. It was a nice city, where nobody eats. Intriguing? It was fun to be there, especially on Bastille day. I was able to see the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen (there wasn't anything simillar in Lithuania) and to taste such a nice frozen yogurt. Also Lyon and Strasbourg were one of my check in posts in France. Lyon is famous for its silk. It's also 3rd largest city in France. Sadly that I didn't have much time in Lyon, coz it's such a beautiful city, also a great shopping destination. Strasbourg is official seat of the European Parliament. I was there in early morning. It was so interesting to see this city in the early morning, when cafes are only opening. So I really wanted to try macaroons that why I took macaroon dessert (you will see in the pic) which is simmilar to Ali chocolate in Lithuania, but taste had such a difference! In France it was much tastier! But ofc that's to be expected, because France has a great dessert history. Oh I almost forgot! I had a mini trip to the capital of fun, partying in St. Tropez. It was interesting to look at all those yachts, fashionable people and tasty looking food. Also I had an opportunity to drink cocktail while looking at yachts. And of course what a year can be without travelling to Italy. So this year I was to Turin, a magnificent city with beautiful architecture. What I love about South Europe is that they have tastiest fruits in whole Europe. You can have pineapples, oranges and other fruits there and you won't regret it. Turin is popular for many historical cafes where you must drink a cup of coffee or try best ice cream. Only then will you feel true Italisn vibes. I shall not forget sweet little city Lindau (Germany) which is near Swiss and Austria borders. Loved this little city, mostly because of it's view, but also because it had such a tasty apple strudel and coffee. So that's all of my trip. I hope many new ones are waiting for me. Next blog post soon!