11 Jul 2017

How to always look stylish: closet must haves

Hey! Every girl in her life struggles with the same questions everyday "What to wear?" or "What to wear to look stylish enough?" In this post I will write where in my opinion person should invest and some outfits for good look.

  • First of all, everyone should invest in good pair of blue jeans. Jeans literally represents person. If you have one pair of jeans, you still can create different look. After having those jeans, that you personally love, you can also buy other stylish jeans. They can be sequined, ripped, with flower print or even text. However, don't buy colorful jeans. It may be hard to match your outfit and occasion.
  • Shirt. I guess every women has to have a classic white shirt in her wardrobe. It should be from better material, silk, cotton and etc. Sometimes it's the best, if you don't have anything to wear. Also it adds a fancy accent to your look.
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  • Thirdly it wouldn't be a good list, without a mini black dress. Like Coco Chanel once said: "When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place". It's a must. Usually for occasions it's good to chose this dress in order to avoid a style disaster. Also if it's correctly matched with some accessories or other pieces of clothing, it will make everyone fall for you in an instance.
  • A good bag. It's a must to have in your wardrobe if you need some good looking accessory with your outfit and fast. Also it will make every ones style, look fancier.
  • Having a good sweater is what every women needs in cold winter/ autumn or even spring. The one, which is made from Cashmere wool is the best choice. It will look great, and you will feel great in it. Cashmere is very soft, it will be like your second skin. Also, it is animal friendly, goats aren't killed for it's wool, like usually other animals are for their fur.
  • Have one main color in your outfit and max other 2. For example if you wear black jeans and white t-shirt you may add that color pop accessory, which will make your look more colorful. It will work like optic illusion
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  • Invest in your shoes. Have one pair of high heeled, sneakers, flats, sandals and the type you prefer. Different shoes can make your outfit completely different.
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  • Black and white colors are always classic. You shouldn't be afraid of these colors. It's really a good option, if you don't have time to decide on what to do or you don't know what to wear. Personally, I would love to have that one pair of white jeans or pants, but can't find the ones I would definitely wear.
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  • Sunglasses is also a must. Well, I recommend to wear them not only because it looks super fashionable, but also they save your eyes from UV, which can cause eye injuries like permanent loss of vision.
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  • You shall not forget accessories. It's a real helper, to look different everyday, wearing the same clothes. It should include scarves, watch, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hats, earrings, glasses and clips(like pom pom) which you can add to everything.
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Secondly, how to always look stylish? Well, this question bothers a lot of people. The answer is simple. If you are afraid to look ridiculous, then wear basic clothing. Ofc, I should recommend you too try to find your own style, because at the end it will be worth. I hope these main tips will help you and that this text was worth reading. Have a great time, my lovely readers! Xoxo, Kotryna

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