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As you all know, my name is Kotryna Dukštaitė. I am 17 years old. I am living in Lithuania, I may say a small country in North Europe.
This blog was made in 2016-08-20. The first post came just one day later, on 21 of August. It's called "MoKo style" as my sister's and mine, first name letters.
 I have written many blogs earlier, I guess everybody has done that, but in each, something was missing. I guess the feeling is that, this blog is definitely my sphere. One of my main goals, to be a part of fashion world. I will work really hard, to make my dream come true.

In my blog, my sister Monika takes a very important role too. Without her, there would be nothing as she is my main photographer. A very good one!Well, the best!

Also I should mention my friend Rūta, who is my english  checker

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