23 Jul 2018


New! New blog post!

Shoes/ Moschino
Skirt/ Zara
Bag/ Michael Kors
Sunnies/ FAME

Long time no see. Sorry guys for not posting it on Sunday, as I usually do. I was a bit busy this weekend, as I am always are at them, because I am doing something either travelling, or learning new things haha.
I just love how this top matches this denim skirt. These lovely feathers makes this casual outfit more fun.
About the shoes. I have chosen them, coz I haven't brought other ones to Palanga, as I decided to do there a photoshoot. However love these shoes, they actually are amazing, and look just great with this outfit.
I am feeling that this look is inspired by the most amazing fashion time for me glamour Hollywood. As the most important fashion icons, wore these hats, sunnies with their super stylish swimsuits. I am a huge fan of that time fashion, so sometimes I try to add these details to my look, as it's not always possible.

I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers,
Xoxo Kotryna