30 Jul 2017

Why nobody eats in Toulon?

Ciao! New Sunday, new weekly post on my blog! As I said to my previous post, this time I am writing about Toulon. There are  few questions, that you may ask:why have I chosen to live in this city & why nobody eats in Toulon? Interested to know? 

24 Jul 2017

Summer travel 2017

Ciao! So sorry for late blog post, I was just traveling so I couldn't write anything. However, now I am back! This blog post is going to be about my trip and why do I prefer such an unusual traveling way. Let's start from the beginning.

11 Jul 2017

How to always look stylish: closet must haves

Hey! Every girl in her life struggles with the same questions everyday "What to wear?" or "What to wear to look stylish enough?" In this post I will write where in my opinion person should invest and some outfits for good look.