5 Jul 2017

Heading with ma high heels

Sorry for late post guys.

Necklace/ MARi armlet
Bag/ Michael Kors
Scarf/ Aldo

So I got a cold this weekend, due to that I couldn't take any pic and blog post ofc. At least I got better recently. This time I have chosen smart style outfit. The main colors are black, white, grey and burgundy. This Michael Kors bag perfectly matches this scarf and necklace coz they are all quite the same color. I love these burgundy shoes from Aldo store. They are so beautiful as well as that gold detail on them. As you may notice this time I am at a different spot for my pic. It's Žilinskas art gallery. I love this urban style of it as well as exhibitions that are there. Also I love my new highliter, which I got on my birthday. It's Urban Decay. Love it's glow, so summery. So sad that June is over now. One summer holiday month is over, only 2 months are left. It means that last school year is coming. Exams too. I really hope that the weather in Lithuania will fix itself soon, coz 15 degrees celsius and raining is not normal. How are your summer going? I hope you are having great time!
Xoxo Kotryna

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