25 Jun 2017

summer breeze

Ciao! New, weekly post as usual!


Why isn't the weather as good as it should be? It is summer, but it feels like autumn. Especially when it's raining all the time and temperature is about 17 Celsius. I hope that it will be warmer at the end of the weekend. This time I have chosen one of my pants, these dotted pants. I love these dots and the material they are made of. They should be such a great option at hot summer day. I love this choker top too! It's super trendy at the moment, it looks so gray as well! There are many colors of it, however I prefer the black one. I guess that's because I don't have a lot of black clothing. Next time, I could make a blog post about how to wear this top, if you would like to, comment down below. This denim jacket is so cute! I bought it just recently on H&M and it was on sale! I am so obsessed with denim jackets, from my point of view it is one of the best option when you are cold. I hope you are having a great time, summer as well! xoxo Kotryna


  1. Very beautiful 💜 would love to see post, how to wear choker top 💟