18 Jun 2017

different ways to wear top

Ciao! New weekly post as usual!

It's so good that weather is finally warm enough so you can sunbathe. I know Lithuanian summer isn't as warm as people would want it to be.So this time I have chosen to wear one top different ways, to show you guys that one piece of clothing can be worn not only the way that shops show.

 1st how this top looks like.

Second look is turtle neck. So it's really simple to do it, you just take the top and tie it around your neck.

Third is bow tie, made like wrapover blouse

 4th is bow tie at the back.

5th is most popular nowadays off shoulder top.

6th is literally my fav at the moment. This bow around the neck looks so cute!

Shoes/Big star

So it can be clearly seen that there are many ways to wear it. So you would look different everyday.Also you can try to wear different jewellery and accessories.For example I have matched these perfect fishnet socks with bows. They are so sweet, I couldn't resist to buy them. Also you can wear different bag everytime. I love this one from Zara! These black and white stripes literally matches every outfit! You may notice that I have added new page on my blog.It's called "Fashion trends of 2017". There are not only boring, plain text, but also if you click on the word the beautiful example of that thing will show up. If you want to see it click here.

Hope you are having great time, my lovely readers!
Xoxo Kotryna


  1. Outfit on top! Love the advices you gave to wear a top 😍