25 Sep 2016

Last warm days #ootd

Sunglasses/ Max&Co.

I'm here again, with my #ootd. This week is going to be so hard, but I hope I will make it(lol).Well, my outfit this time is kind of basic but elegant. I guess this is the first time I ever uploaded a photo of myself wearning high-heels in this blog. I hope not the last one, coz I really love them and have addiction of buying them. I hope you are having great time. Xoxo


18 Sep 2016


Jeans/ House
Waistcoat/ Zara
Bracelet/ Claire's
Shoes/ Nike
Shirt/ Zara

I'm here again, with my #ootd. This week was quite hard for me, ya know, school started, so I have tons of homework and presentations! But I'm writting new post every Sunday (if you hadn't noticed).Moreover, I have new obsession (I don't know if I can call it like that, haha) photography. So maybe I'm going to share with you guys, some photos taken by me. Hope you are having great time!


11 Sep 2016

What to write to your notebook?

 Ciao! I am here again, with what to write into notebook. So these are my suggestions:

  • movies list and tv shows (what to watch, what you have already seen and etc.)
  • beautiful, positive thoughts, phrases. (Great idea, after instagram photos)
  • your planner( what you have to do, and etc.)
  • penpals list, their addresses, what they like
  • lessons and calendar
  • places you want to go or have already seen
  • things that make you happy
  • your health things (how much water you drink per day, what you eaten per day and etc.)
  • goals to the next year, wishes
  • books you have already read
Thats all today, bye xoxo
P.S. I am really addicted to notebooks, look at first pic


4 Sep 2016

What's up September?

shoes/big star
waistcoat/ H&M

Hey you all!
I'm back again with my September #ootd. Sad that school have already started and winter is getting closer with every day. But oh well, autumn is also a great season, when leaves change color and drinking tea becomes essential.