11 Sep 2016

What to write to your notebook?

 Ciao! I am here again, with what to write into notebook. So these are my suggestions:

  • movies list and tv shows (what to watch, what you have already seen and etc.)
  • beautiful, positive thoughts, phrases. (Great idea, after instagram photos)
  • your planner( what you have to do, and etc.)
  • penpals list, their addresses, what they like
  • lessons and calendar
  • places you want to go or have already seen
  • things that make you happy
  • your health things (how much water you drink per day, what you eaten per day and etc.)
  • goals to the next year, wishes
  • books you have already read
Thats all today, bye xoxo
P.S. I am really addicted to notebooks, look at first pic


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