30 Jul 2017

Why nobody eats in Toulon?

Ciao! New Sunday, new weekly post on my blog! As I said to my previous post, this time I am writing about Toulon. There are  few questions, that you may ask:why have I chosen to live in this city & why nobody eats in Toulon? Interested to know? 

It was not my decision to stay in Toulon. I am still travelling old fashioned way through travel agency. Some people may think, why I don't plan my trips by myself, however there is always an explanation to it: Read it
Toulon is a really beautiful city, with a public beach, market every morning a few supermarkets and all fashionable spirits lover Galeries  Lafayette and many more shops.  However this city has also 
have a few drawbacks. If you are the tourist that needs to eat regularly and tasty this city is not for you.
No need a high expectations, especially when you know that Toulon is 15th city in France. 
I have been there 4 days trying to make fullest out of it. Sadly, that it was a bit hard at the times. As I am accustomed to Italian night life, it was strage to see that at 7p.m. all shops are closed, only a few restaurants are working. (There are 2clubs I guess and a few pubs)
Sure when you are in other country it's always interesting to see what local people are eating. Going through a few bars, restaurants, cafes you can only see people drinking coffee, cocktails, alcohol. Sure it was strange for me, especially when I have seen that in many countries people come to eat, not just talk with a cup of coffee. However when you try some of Toulon cafes food you realise, why these people are doing it. Food there isn't very special opposite to it's cost. It's kind of expensive. There were to cafes we decided to give a try. One was kind of nice, with friendly staff, but nothing special, the opposite to the other one, which food wasn't as good as I thought it is. Sadly the staff was rude too. Brasserie Le France was not worth time and money. Les Tables de la Fontaine  was that kind of nice but not special.
I shall not forget to mentionto try milkshakes. Well I don't remember cafes name, but they have tastiest milkshakes, loved the one with banana and my sister loved the one with apples and cinnamon. It was really nice too. You should definitely try them!
Also If you haven't tried real sushi, buy them in Toulon! They were so tasty, fresh!

All in all Toulon isn't a bad city. It's small, not for a night life needers( try St. Tropez instead) more for families. It's a good place to sunbathe, swim in a sea and totally relax. What more is needed for a perfect holiday?

Hope you are spending your summer very good, my lovely readers! Have a great time:)

Xoxo Kotryna

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