8 Oct 2017

Swimming at the autumn

Ciao! New weekly autumn post on the blog.

Bag/ Black Mama
Shoes/ some Italian shop
Choker/ H&M

How are you, how was your week? Mine was kind of ok, ofc could be better like always, haha. So as I said, last week I was in Palanga so this photoshoot is from that mini holiday. My outfit this time is a grunge style. You may have noticed that, every time my look is in different style. It's mostly because I am that mood person, who wears clothes, depending on mood. So this time, I felt like wearing this grunge look. I have chosen this perfect blouse, black jeans and grey sweater combo, which has a perfect accent, red lips and these floral boots. Well, I almost didn't catch a cold this week, so I hope it won't stay with me, haha.
I hope you are having a wonderful time, my lovely readers!

Xoxo Kotryna

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