1 Oct 2017


Ciao guys!
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Shirts/ Zara
Shoes/ Karl Lagerfield
Sunnies/ Claire's
Choker/ Zara
Bunny/ China

So how are you doing? Personally, I am ok, just really busy at the moment. Many tests have to be written at school, but oh well that's the life haha. This weekend I was in Palanga. It was so nice to unwind a bit, from school and to take few photoshoots for you guys. Soon they will be up on my blog.
So this time, my blog post is quite different. You may see, from my outfit that it looks kind of different, than I am used to show you. So I have chosen to wear 2 my shirts. One plain one as a skirt, and second one, the striped one as a off the shoulder top. I was inspired by Fendi huge shirt dresses assortment (or in other words from New York fashion week, which style I loved). Also recently I have found in my mom's closet these Lagerfield shoes. They are vintage, made somewhere in 1980's I guess, but just look at them! They are so cool! It has Lagerfield name written on the side of the shoe. I also want to add that I love these sunnies from Claire's shop, they look so modern. It's so hard for me to find glasses or sunglasses that will fit me, coz all of them in the shops are too small for me, haha. In my life I have found just a few pairs, which size was good for me. I have alsmot forgotten to mention to you that this bunny is such a trend in China at the moment! My sister bought is to me here and  I really love it! So this outfit is mixed vintage and modern classics. I want to show you guys, how easy it is to make your outfit interesting and different from the ones you have seen in shops. You just need to use your creativity. 

I hope you are having great time! 
Xoxo Kotryna

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