24 Sep 2017

If you have one dress...

Ciao guys! New weekly post as usual!

Dress/ Stradivarius
Shoes/ Zara
Bag/ United Colors of Benetton
Earrings/ H&M

You won't believe how much I have missed photoshoots! It was so usual for me to do 2 in one day, or something. So now it's a bit hard. Especially since, I don't share my newest outfit ideas. But don't you worry. I'll start doing them again soon. And now you can enjoy these pictures, that I personally love! Haha.
I still don't want to let summer go, although the weather isn't as good as it used to be. However, I will have to, coz one of the most beautiful seasons is coming up really quickly. Love autumn fashion! Coats, autumn hats, ponchos, boots, fur coats and many more things! But this time, my blog post is still not about my autumn look. It's about one dress and different ways to wear it. I guess many of you have seen, that slip on dress was a thing, few years ago. I was one of those person, who bought it, and never gave it a chance. Maybe I thought that's too revealing for me. But one time, a though, came to me, I should do blog post, about how to wear this dress, for more people like me. And this is it. A blog post!
So you can clearly see in the pictures there are 7 different ways that I have thought of wearing this dress. First idea is on top of any white shirt. I have chosen the shirt (H&M), which can be tied up in the front, I thought it should look cute on slip on dress, when the bow is tied in front and I was correct. Second is how this dress looks like without any additives. Third look is putting on the big, oversized sweater (Zara). I think particularly for this dress, white sweater is the best option. 4th look is denim skirt (Zara) on top of the dress. Love how the lace looks under this skirt. I think that this bag matches so perfectly with this outfit. It's a nice finishing detail for the whole look.
6th look is putting on this long top (Black Mama) (press the word) .
5th look is putting clear dress on top, like this black one from Zara. These black net dresses are such a thing right now! Really trendy and can spice up every outfit you are wearing. Doesn't these pictures look like from a professional photoshoot? Haha.
7th look is putting on this denim jacket (Zara). Well, this outfit can be more interesting if you decide to wear like jeans, or skirt under. You are free to think.
Last but not least, putting on sweater dress. Well, I love this one. When I saw in Kappahl I fell head over heels in love with it. When I bought this slip on dress, first thing that I thought I would wear it with was under this Kappahl dress.
I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers!
Xoxo Kotryna

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