3 Sep 2017

elle est française


Dress/ Betty Barclay
Bag/ Zara
Shoes/ Aldo
How was your summer? So sad that it has come to the end and the school year has begun. This year will be my last year in school, haha.(I guess, probably some of you didn't know that I am still studying at school). Exams will come too. But let's not talk about sadness. Let's talk about happy things. So I took this photoshoot, still at summer, when my best sister and photographer was still in Lithuania (she is in China now, I am sooo jealous). As you can see my hair at the moment does not look like in this photoshoot. But they are great too! I love this black dress. I think that every girl/women has to have a black dress in their closet. And this is the one! But it's summer edition, haha. Btw it looks so good with these high heeled shoes! It adds a French spice to the whole look. As well as the bike. Well, it was kind of hard to ride this bike with these shoes, but I made it. This whole look just screams, French girl on the wheels. What you need is only a Baguette some grapes and red wine in my basket (haha). I have matched my high heeled shoes with bag and lipstick. (Why I am always matching my lipstick to my bags, I don't really know, but I do that). Makeup this time is simple, as French girls like to not overdo the makeup. From now on my blog post will again contain complaints about how tests, exams, and etc. suck. I am sorry about it. I hope you are not mad at me, for doing it. Because I will still do it. Haha.
I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers! Xoxo Kotryna