17 Sep 2017

Flow with the flow

Ciao new blog post as usual!

Shirt/ Flow
Jeans/ New look
Shoes/ Stradivarius
Earrings/ Zara
Bag/ Marella

How was your week guys? Well, I am still sick, so this week was mostly relaxing one, haha. It sucks to be sick, especially when I have so much photoshoots ideas on my mind, but can't do them, coz I can't get out. I hope soon, I will do them, while it's still warm outside. So this photoshoot is from my old archives, that I still haven't posted.
Other 2 big announcements have to be made. First one that I will try to change my feed style. At the moment, it's not perfect, I would like more aesthetics in it. Second announcement is that my sister has just came back from China, so new special blog post will be due. We still don't know if we will make it like usual Sunday's post or some other day. We will think about it.
Now about this look. Main accent is pink color. Girly. Love how these shoes perfeclty matches flowers, birds on these jeans. All in all these jeans are super cute and I adore them (haha). The other thing is that I adore this shirt from Flow femme. Have I mentioned that this brand is Lithuanian? Love the materials they use, the clothing they make, so I hope there will be some more clothing from this brand in my wardrobe.
Can you see, how my earrings match my lipstick? Haha, I didn't expect it, when I was getting ready for this photoshoot.
Have I told you guys, what are my musts at the moment? Well you can see them in fashion trends of 2017. Ofc not all of them are my musts, but some are.

I hope you are having great time.
Xoxo Kotryna

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