10 Sep 2017

Summer dress, autumn?


New weekly post on my blog, as usual!


So how was your week? Mine was literally crazy. Had so much work to do, some of that was related to school, ofc like my life at the moment is, some of them not. And as usually I got a cold. Usual me, haha. It's so cold, why did autumn have come so quickly, I didn't even have time to enjoy the part of the autumn, when it's still quite warm, sun is shining but you can't go with short sleeved shirts, you have to put on something (thin sweater is enough). Btw you can't imagine how much I've missed new photoshoots, haha. As I said my sister is in China at the moment, so I can't take any new photoshoots. But as soon as she will be back, I promise, new pic, of my new hairstyle are coming, haha.
This time I have chosen my blue and white striped dress, which I haven't wore at summer at all, but bought at spring. Well, recently I looked all around my closet and found it, haha. Big closet problems. Now back to the fact that I am wearing dress on jeans. I can proudly announce that it's a big trend at the moment. Well, it's perfect for Lithuania, coz it was too cold to wear summer dresses at summer, so why not now. Love that nowadays you can match different patterns, styles, colors and look fashionable ofc. For example, this time I have matched my black and white bag with this dress. It loks amazing! That day before I've decided to take this photoshoot it was raining heavily so these rain boots helped me out. My outfit too. They match this bag too.
Also I am showing you guys, two different ways to wear this dress. First one is normal and second one is off the shoulders. Can you see, how two different trends find a way in one outfit. Just don't be afraid to expirement.

Hope you are having great time! Love you all!

Xoxo Kotryna

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