15 Oct 2017


You may think, why I have chosen my blog title differently, from the other ones. You may think, why I am starting today differently, not like usually. I have thought about some changes. And this day has come today.


Dress/ H&M
Belt/ Bershka
Bag/ Zara
Socks/ Stradivarius
Shoes/ Nike
Earrings/ H&M

Why it's always raining in Lithuania... I can't even take new photoshoots , coz it's too cold or raining. Sad...

First of all I guess everyone of you knows what is modernism. Still, you may not know why I chose a topic like this. Probably, because of my look today. This dress, was bought some time ago. Just recently, I have decided that I want to make an outfit with it, as it's perfect for my topic. So I added a belt with ring in the middle, which is on trend right now, with some socks, which I thought would add a perfect spice for my look. Overall, I am addicted to interesting socks haha. So this outfit is mostly black and white as I think is perfect color combo for modern outfit.

I hope you are having great time.
Xoxo Kotryna

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