26 Mar 2017

Red kisses

Ciao! Weekly post is up here!


Pants/Max Mara Weekend

So this time I have decided to wear something more formal and more suitable for Lithuanian weather. When I was doing this photoshoot it was raining a lot, so we had to change the place for it. Although I don't regret that the weather was bad, because I wouldn't have found this place. Good, that these days it's getting warmer and warmer (sadly, still cold). I have so many photoshoot ideas, just it's too cold to do it. I hope soon 🙂
I have decided to wear this cigarette pants from Max Mara. They are so great, made from wool, so it was quite warm with them. Also I took my newest Vogue magazine with me, and just now I saw that my outfit matches it's cover. This time main colour is red.
Well at the moment at all shops there are so many red, pink, purple things! Just perfect for me, coz they are one of my favorite colors. I am thinking about changing my template again, but still haven't decided to do it or not. Haha, as always.
My bestie is coming in a few weeks, I can't wait! Make sure to check my instagram, blog then, coz I will be uploading many things!

P.S. sorry these pic aren't the best quality

I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers!
xoxo Kotryna


  1. Gorgeous look, love the pattern of the scarf and the colors, the glasses, pants and coat are cool too. You look great!
    Wish you a beautiful evenin!
    Flo from

    1. thank you so much!❤❤Have a beautiful day!