26 Nov 2017

Is it grey or gray?

Ciao guys!

Long time no see. How was your week? For me it was fun, actually and I have had a fantastic weekend, celebrating one of my friend's, Saule, birthday!

Dress/ Sinsay
Coat/Georgia P
My outfit this time, kind of matches the surroundings, because of grey color. It's everywhere and I guess it's the color of winter and autumn. I love these type of oversized sweaters with lace bottom. They look so pretty with over the knee shoes or even without them. I recently decided that I need shopping tote bag. So, lucky I found it really fast. I love that this tote can be turned inside out and can be worn both ways. One is leather other side is suede leather. It depends on your mood, how would you like to wear it. I personally think that it's important, coz I am that kind of person, who dress up depending on their mood.
Do you like my earrings? Personally I love them and it was so easy to make them. I just needed the flowers from Marc Jacobs perfume bottle and put them on my golden earrings. I love how beautiful it have turned out.

I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers.
Xoxo Kotryna