12 Nov 2017


Ciao guys!

New weekly post as usual!

Sweater/ Daniel & Mayer
Skirt/ Zara
Shoes/ Zara
Coat/ Desigual

How are you guys doing? I am fine, it’s just that this week is going to be quite hard, coz many tests will have to be written like usually. But it is a must for all students, I guess.
I love my new bordeaux color shoes. They are sock type over the knee and can be worn not only with skirts and dresses, but pants or jeans as well. It is really trendy recently, to wear these type of shoes with t-shirt dresses, as they make silhouette more attractive, especially if they are high heeled. However, I have chosen this outfit not with t-shirt dress, but with denim skirt, as I think that denim makes it a little bit edgy. I also wore this awesome sweater, which roll neck could be taken off. I tried to wear this roll neck or infinity scarf, call it how you like, as a headband. It can be clearly seen that it looks great, haha.
You may wonder why my usual outfit almost always consist of one Zara item. It's mostly because, Zara is the most fashionable shop in Lithuania, which has the trendy stuff that are popular at the moment all around the world. Sadly, but other shops are either falling behind or they specializing in more classical style. I hope this will change soon though, haha. And ofc I think, that style is neither brands. I hope you are having great time my lovely readers.
Xoxo Kotryna

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