13 Aug 2017

Trip'17 Sweden: tips and travel


So this week Tuesday I decided to visit my bestfriend Rūta, who lives in Skövde, a small city in the centre of Sweden.

First 2 days we have decided to stay there just have a tour around city. Well, it's way bigger then I have expected it to be. It has a few shopping centres Commerce and Elins Esplanad which have some well know shops: Make Up Store, H&M, Bik Bok, Gina Tricot and many others. Third day we have decided to travel to Göteborg, second largest city in Sweden. It was such a nice city, which requires much of your time. We didin't have time to visit one of the most beautiful Gothenburg Botanical Garden. However, we have visited Haga, the old town of Gothenburg! It was a magical place with cinnamon buns the size of your head! However, I bought the smaller one, just to try it out. Maybe next time, I will buy the big one, haha. We were so tired of walking around the city that we decided to rest a bit in Cafe Hebbe Lelle. It had such a tasty lemon cheesecake highly recommend to try this one, as well as cinnamon bun. Last day we spent in Aqua Vitalis, a waterpark. It was great to relax, after hard day in Gothenbourg. At the evening I came back to Lithuania.

These are the tips that my friend taught me:

  • If you have decided to travel to Gothenburg by train, you should buy a ticket, that is valid for 24 hours. Then, you can not only travel by one train, but by many others as well as shuttle and public transport.
  • One ticket in public transport aproximatelly costs 20 sek(2 euro). You can pay with your credit card there( in Skovde buses have a wi-fi, however in Gothenburg not)
  • I have exchanged some sek (Swedish krona), but it's not necessary. You can pay everywhere with a credit card.
  • If you want to eat tasty junk food, you should try MAX. It's like Mc'Donalds, but has some tasty hamburgers. For example, I loved the one with fish.
  • Something is more expensive than in other European countries but not everything. For example cosmetics and food are a bit more expensive.
  • I highly recommend buying sport clothes in Sweden. They are sometimes cheapier and a lot more beautiful than anywhere else.

All in all, Sweden is a great country, definatelly worth visiting, especially if you are travelling there for a first time (like I was). I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Xoxo Kotryna

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