22 Aug 2017

Birthday post

 Special photoshoot  down below

Ciao guys!

So today my blog is officially one year old. I should say thanks to all of you, who have inspired me, when it's was hard for me to write something, who shared their thoughts and advises with me. Special thanks to my sister, who always supported me, took my photos and helped me with crazy photoshoot ideas sometimes in a middle of a street or early in the morning. She suggested me some poses, that became my fav. Also big thanks to my bestie, who always checks my text and helps me to improve my writing skills. And my lovely fans, I don't know what I would do without you.
Now that we are finished with the thanksgiving. I would like to help people who are struggling, with the things they wish to do but never can. Just do it! At first, you may be judged, but at the end all your hard work is going to pay off. When I was 13 years old, I started writing blogs. At first they were nothing special, just a few pictures from the Internet and some text in Lithuanian. I never thought, that a few years later, I will star writing a blog about fashion, because I never really cared about fashion. Of course, I loved to do makeovers of my friends, which contained usually going to some shops and dressing them up from head to toes. But at that time, I just dressed them up, which clothes looked pretty for me.
Getting back to the point I was talking about, my blog really helped me. It really improved my English skills, my posing skills, even my writing skills (I was terrible at writing writing (haha)) and the way that I choose my outfit.
In the end, don't be afraid to be who you really are or express yourself. Who cares what other people think? Now I don't. You shouldn't to.

And now time for special birthday photoshoot, which was taken in Palanga, Lithuania near Amber museum.

Earrings/ I am
Bag/elisabetta franchi

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you are having great time!

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