14 May 2017

All denim

NEW new NEW Post!
My #OoTd

Jacket/ H&M
Bag/ Keep an eye leather

What do you think of the header of my post? Kind of crazy, right? Unusual? Well, it was really spontaneous and I still don't know why I have written it so.

It's finally warm enough in Lithuania to wear short sleeved shirts without freezing to death, haha. So this time I have chosen comfortable urban look. As you can see, I have chosen, blue, black and red colors mostly for my look. What do you think of my new fishnet tights? Well, personally I just love them.
This week will be hard for me (like usually I guess) coz I will be doing final exams. Well, at the moment I should bury myself in books, but I am too lazy to do it now.
I finally know, that this summer I will be travelling to France! (It's kind of unusual, for me the Italy lover, don't you think?) I guess I will be visiting St. Tropez so it's gonna rock. Make sure to follow me on my instagram (click on the word, and you will get there) also follow my blog, and even facebook. Yay, I finally remembered that it exist lol.
Well I can't believe that my 18th birthday will be almost in 2 weeks. It will be so strange to be old enough to go clubbing or smth, especially when I don't feel like 18 years old, lol.

I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers
Xoxo Kotryna

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