21 May 2017

Io sono Italiana

Hey. New weekly post as usual!

Belt/tom tailor
Bag/Michael Kors

I am so happy that my final exams are over now. So only a week and a half is left till summer, that means till my summer break. Finally! It's so cool especially when the weather is perfect rn.
Although there are a few tests/tasks to do before holidays, it's not that much.
So this time my look is completely formal. I have decided to wear these clothes almost 2 months ago, but it still was too cold to do it. Well, now, I made it. These high-heels from Aldo are absolutely amazing. This crimson color is so great, it matches almost everything!
Personally, I think that ripped jeans look so great with t-shirts! It adds some casual vibe, to your look. This summer I will have so much free-time to do some extra photo shoots, so make sure to follow me everywhere.

I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers!

With lots of love


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