7 May 2017

How to look cute while: Travelling to nature

Ciao! New post!

1st look: dress/UCB /jacket/H&M /shoes/Sisley /earrings/ I am
2nd look: bandana/ gift, sorry don't know where it is from /Shirt/aprangos galerija/ Morgan/  Jeans/H&M  / T-shirt/ H&M /   Shoes/Nike
3rd look: Dress/ Kappahl /T-shirt/Kappahl/Shoes/Sisley

So this Saturday the weather was so good, that I decided to travel to nature, to realx a bit after studying. Next week will be quite exciting, coz I am planning to go to "Night Basketball"(Naktinis Krepšinis) on friday, so it's gonna be a lot of fun. Personally, I am planning to go there not for the music or smtgh, but mostly for basketball. It's really fun to see, those matches.

I guess one of the biggest problems, when you are in nature is, how to look cute, but also comfortable. 2 of these 3 looks, contain dresses. Well, I am not very keen of them, but they look just great and aren't very uncomfortable. Second look was with one of the most convenient jeans I have! These 3 looks were mostly with Earth color tones, as it should be. After all I am in the nature! It was so fun, to try unusual type of post for me, coz I never added 3 different looks at one post.

So I hope you are having great time!

Xoxo Kotryna

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