30 Apr 2017

Pink babe

Ciao new post on my blog!

Sweater/ Kappahl Waistcoat/ Zara Jeans/ UCB Bag/ Zara Socks/ Calzedonia Shoes/ Nike

What do you think of my new pink/ grey socks? Well, personally I fell head over heels in love with them. They are sooo sweet, remember me "Clueless vibes"or should I say 90's? Main color for this look probably was pink, you may not see, but these jeans have pink glitter on them. So this weekend was "Kaunas Jazz", the most popular jazz festival, which I love. Sadly, the weather was bad, so I couldn't make it. I guess it was first year when it's so cold. Technically the good weather should be here, shouldn't it?
My look this time is kind of plain(or maybe not?), perfect for spring weather (well, sadly not in Lithuania). As you may notice, I have chosen this nice waistcoat from Zara, which looks so great with shirts! I may add another look with it, soon. I have so much going on now, so sorry If this post looks a little smaller than my other ones. So how is your life going my lovely readers? I hope great!
Xoxo Kotryna


  1. Love your pom pom socks!!!! Nice outfit!