23 Apr 2017


Ciao! New blog post as usual!

Scarf/ Marella
T-shirt/ Asos
Belt/ Monki
Tights/ Calzedonia
Shoes/ Max&Co.
Bag/ Marella

This time my look is semi-formal. It's just perfect for theatre or some kind of opening event. (Haha, I guess just in Lithuania, coz usually people in other countries to the theatre wear something more formal like evening dresses). If you like to look more formal, with the look I have created, you should try cigarette pants instead of jeans. I love these jeans from H&M. They are so comfortable and cute. This silver line at the side of them is such a great improvment for boring jeans. Especially as you may know, that silver matches almost everything! As you may notice my make up is kind of different this time. So this weekend was Coachella 2nd festival. Well, I wanted to be there so badly, but ya know school, homework, you can't just leave everything here and go to the festival. I hope someday, I will be there lol. So this makeup is inspired by Coachella. Also, as you may know now it is super trendy to paint a different color line from your lipstick in the middle of the lip. I kind of like this trend, you can be original if you dare to wear it (haha). This outfit colour palette is greenish neautral. So this Marella bag is really good when it comes to creating it. I haven't braged about this Marella bag! It's litteraly the greatest. You can match it with any color you like, it's like a chameleon. So this week, I have so much work to do, so when it will end I will be super happy (haha, I hope so ).
I hope you are having great time, dearest readers.

Xoxo Kotryna

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