16 Apr 2017

Soldier dog & denim jacket

Ciao! New post on my blog!

Bandana / claire's
Jacket / Levi's
Shirt /Massimo Dutti
Jeans /H&M
Shoes / Nike
Bag / UCB

So this time I was taking my dog out, to the city. Well, I have matched the perfect outfit, so I decided to do some pic of it.
As you can see, this time I have chosen more casual style, that's perfect for Lithuanian weather (If it's not raining). When I first saw this denim jacket, I couldn't just pass through it. Especially, as it's known that fur is still on fleek. As well as denim. Looking through fashion magazines, you can see, that it's not a big deal to match the same color denim jackets and jeans. It's still, a bit hard for my eyes to adjust to this trend, but I am good.
My doggie looks so cute in this coat! Like a real soldier.(haha)
Well I recently bought bandana and it looks so perfect! You can wear it not only like a scarf, but also like a headscarf. So it's a great option for your #ootd.
So this Sunday is Easter and snow showed in Lithuania. It's so sad coz I though that spring is here already.

Have a happy Easter everyone!  Hope you are having great time!

Xoxo Kotryna


  1. Nice look

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  2. That denim jacket is so pretty, jacket with furry sleeves is so on trend right now. by the way you look so pretty ^^