28 May 2017

What to wear: sport

Ciao new post on my blog!
So this time I chose to do some dressing up tips, which is related to sports theme. As you know summer is that time of the year, when weather is finally warm enough to do some sports outside. Also I have received a lot of questions about my sport habits and looks. So this post is due to these reasons.

•First tip, invest in your outfit. Well, when I started doing some sports, I though that outfit doesn't matter. As if. When you dressed nicely, you gain more motivation.

•Second tip, don't be afraid of colors. Wearing bright colors helps to stay motivated and it gives you more strength.

•Third tip, if you find it hard to match different colors, then you should definitely, have some black ones in your closet. They aren't so hard to match and you will always slay.

•Fourth tip, also have grey and white color clothes if you aren't that dark soul person (no offence ;d).They usually match every color in your closet.

•Fifth tip, personally, I like more synthetic clothing than natural when doing sports. Of course this doesn't imply all my wardrobe, just sport clothing.

•Sixth tip, invest in good sport shoes. It's really important, as bad shoes can not only be uncomfortable while working out, but unhealthy as well.

•Seventh tip, the most important is to love yourself. You get more confident, doing it.

I hope these tips will help you. Have a great time reading it.
(Trying to play basketball, lol)

Xoxo, Kotryna

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