19 Feb 2017

Winter in the beach

  Ciao! I am here again, with my weekly post!


Shoes/don't remember

As I said this week I did some travelling, if I can call that. So Wednesday, I went to Vilnius, to IKEA. I just love this shop, I could buy everything in there. I may do a haul, if you would like to see. So this weekend I decided to visit Palanga. There were sooo many people, I didn't think that it would be so crowded.

It was so cold, when I took these pictures! Not because to the temperature, but mostly due to wind.

As I knew, that this photoshoot will be taken in the beach, I decided to wear something white. This Killah coat was the best option for wintery look. I love these earrings from H&M! They are so stylish and not heavy like other big earrings are. I can't imagine my outfit without them, they are just too lovely! These boots, as I wrote earlier are perfect for every outfit. They can make you look original. Sorry, I don't remember in which shop I bought them, just that, they are from Lignano Sabbiadoro, in Italy. So as you know, flowers will rule, this spring, so you should have something flowery in your closet. I love flowers, as well as pink, so this season will be perfect for me.
I am waiting for the spring so badly. I just imagine, it would be warm enough to take pic, white short-sleeved shirts and skirts. Well, there's still much time left till warm weather, so I have to take pleasure in colder weather as well, right?
You may have noticed or may you not, that I have dyed my hair blond. Haha, that ALMA song "Dye my hair" is on my mind, when I say this phrase.

Hope you are having great time!
xoxo Kotryna