26 Feb 2017

Pink dream

Ciao! I am here again with new post on my blog! 

Bag/Michael Kors
Shoes/Office London

So this time, as you can see I have chosen pink/ grey #ootd. This coat looks really great with pink colour. The perfect match! (haha)
As you know, last week was London fashion week. I wished I was there, but... I have to study at school. This week will be quite hard, coz of many tests, but at the end of the week I will go to a basketball match (finally, it was a really long break). Literally, at the moment I should be doing my homework, but I am just too lazy for it.
Sadly, recently it has been snowing in Lithuania, but I hope spring will come soon! I guess in these pic you can't really see that I am really cold.
You can't imagine how much I am waiting for holidays (Easter ones).

I could tell you why, but it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, right?
I said, that I would start writing "My opinion". Sorry guys, for letting you down, but I don't have time for it, recently. That's the other reason for waiting for holidays.

So I hope you are having great time!
Xoxo Kotryna