5 Feb 2017

where is pink?

Ciao! New post again, like usually my #ootd.

Winter cap/ coccinelle
Scarf/ H&M
Turtle neck sweater/ United Colors of Benetton
jacket/ United colors of Benetton
Jeans/ House
Shoes/ Ecco
Keychain/ House

So I am happy to announce that next week (from 13 to 19) I will have my winter holidays. Soo, many projects should be done at that time, (if I find time to do them, lol). Also I hope to write something in page about me or my opinion. I was thinking I should write about my last summer trip to Italy, but I guess it was long time ago, so maybe I will write about my other trip to Skrunda-1. It also was in summer, but it was quite new experience for me. Make sure to follow me everywhere, on instagram, facebook and etc., if you didn't do it yet.
Next week is going to be cold here, in Lithuania about -14 degrees celsius, so I have chosen to wear something wintery. (Yess, I would love to live somewhere, where winter doesn't come at all, coz it's too cold for me).
So I have chosen this grey winter cap, and grey/pink scarf. This scarf perfectly matches my pink keychain (if you haven't noticed that in pic). Also I love these jeans, maybe I have already told you about them, I don't really remember. As I usually post just my #ootd this time I decided to write something about fashion tendencies/ trends of 2017. As may you already noticed pink colour, flowers has taken all the shops. Fashion designers are trying to underline femininity in all these clothes. I may say that I quite like pink colour, so it's not big deal for me. I guess fashion blogger has to love all colours (lol).
Also khaki colour is also on the top of every shop. I have to admit that I don' have any piece of clothing in this colour, sadly. Well, I guess when I finally manage to buy something, it won' be fashionable anymore. That's why fashion is charming, right? Thirdly don't be afraid to underline your shoulders. Wear jewellery, cut out shoulder tops or sweaters. Lastly, don't be afraid to be yourself. Wear what you want, who cares if someone slanders. You are living your life. Not them.
I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers! May this month will be wonderful for you


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