29 Jan 2017

Black &white glitter

Ciao! I am here again with my weekly post! 

Fur coat/vinceotto
Shirt/ Only
Jeans/ Bigstar denim
Watch/ swatch
Ring/ I am

As you may have already noticed my blog has changed a lot. Well, I guess now what you see is temporary, I may change some things soon.
So this time I have chosen this black glitter shirt from only. At first while buying it, I had doubts, but now I think it was actual worth buying. My style is quite formal as well as casual. If you change jeans into pants, you could definitely go to the theater dressed like that. I am also in love with this white swatch watch! (lol I say in love a lot!)
This week will be quite hard for me, coz of school (as always) 
Well, only one good thing that summer is closer and closer.
I hope you are having great time!
xoxo Kotryna

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