22 Jan 2017

"The Godfather" inspired #ootd

Ciao! I am here again with my weekly post!

Bag/ Marc by marc Jacobs
Sweater/ Massimo Dutti
Pants/ H&M + DIY
Choker/ Mariarmlet
Earrings/I am
Shoes/ ecco

Shirt/ H&M

So a few days ago, I have watched all parts of "The Godfather" thrilogy. It's a great movie which requires you to think about everything: your values, how the world is cruel, and corrupted. What's more I really admire Italian spiritual values, how family is important for them. I hope that there are lots of people who appreciate family as one of the most important thing in the world. So I highly recommend you to watch this movie!
So as you already saw this post is quite different from the other ones. Well, I have decided not to talk just about fashion, but also, in my opinion, about world problems. Though not today. I think I will add a page in my blog for evereyone, who would like to know my opinion to certain things. And guess which topic will be my first one? Haha, I guess you are right, about values. Well, as I said just not today. Today you will see my "The Godfather" inspired #ootd
When I was taking this photoshoot it was still kind of cold outside and there was snow all around me! So this #ootd was also made considering the weather conditions and I guess this pink sweater just added great accent to this look!
So first of all I recently bought these suspenders and fell in love with them. Ofc sometimes they are quite uncomfortable but oh well, what you wouldn't do for fashion, right? I think, you will never guess where are these pants from. I may surprise you but I have made them by myself. I saw them in Italy somewhere about 2 years ago, and I just couldn't take eyes off them and sadly there wasn't my size left! So I put all of my creativity in doing them, and I made them! Haha, I guess I have never written so much text in my blog post! Well I hope you had great time reading it, as well as I had writing it! I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers!

With lots of love Kotryna

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