8 Jan 2017

NY inspired vogue soul

Sunglasses/ Max & Co
Fur coat/ Gil bret
T-shirt/Egy boy
Fishnet tights/Calzedonia
Shoes/ nike
New post today again about my #ootd. So in these pic you can see, that I tried to combine sporty style with I guess more elegant style. When I first saw this shirt I felt in love with it, as well as pants. I have searched for this kind of pants for so long, when suddenly I found them in H&M, and even better there were only my size left. I guess they belonged to me from the first day, they arrived in shop. Haha.
So now it is snowing all around Lithuania, and it was really cold this week, but as you know I am sick, so these pic are from earlier. I want to mention that soon I will release a new travelly post about Italy! So make sure to follow my blog, instagram and facebook (press on the word to go there (I know smart, smart))
So for this blog post I was inspired by NY streetstyle. Check out, it will be inspirational for you too.

I hope you are having great time!
xoxo Kotryna