23 Dec 2017

Gift wrapping ideas

Ciao guys! New weekly post as usual, but a bit different this time.

It’s not my usual #ootd but gift wrapping ideas. So, I have recently caught a virus, and I am a bit sick at the moment. So, no outfit post for this weekend, sadly. However, I am here to share with you guys some Christmas gift wrapping ideas, or how do I pack gifts. I am a huge fan of Christmas and especially everything that is related to gifts, buying them, wrapping them, coz I like to think about the person, to whom I buy the presents.

My tip no1. If you run out of wrapping paper don't panic. You can use aluminium foil, old newspaper (it can be new one, ofc, but you may be out of time to wrap it haha) or baking paper. Just one tip, baking paper is really oily, so washi tape is a no go.

Tip no2. Nowadays minimalism is really trendy. Just look as pinterest, weheartit, instagram all the ideas of gift wrapping. Black and white, brown colors are trendy. But, why is it like that? It's mostly because, you can use your creativity, add dots, all types of washi tapes, snowflakes and many other beautiful things. Why not try using this type of paper to spice things up a little?
Tip no3. We are living in the world where ecology is really important. Try to use recycled materials, or the ones, which can be recycled later. Christmas is not about getting, it's about giving. So, how should we use these materials? For example, use dried lemons, oranges or flowers to decorate you present.

Tip no4. Map. I recently came to this idea. If you have met a person in a special place, or you have traveled somewhere, wrap the gift with a map from that special place, which means something to both of you. It may look a bit cheesy, but why can’t you surprise the person with this type of wrapping.

Tip no5. If you don't have a box, where to put all your small gifts, use a shoe box. I guess every person in their house have a shoe box that is not in use. (At my home there are a lot of shoe boxes that are not used. Just add some beautiful box filler and that's all.

Tip no 6. If you have a gift that's hard to pack, you should probably try out candy method. Just wrap your gift like a candy and that's all. Easy, right?

Tip no7. Use transparent gift wrapping paper. A person may see, what's inside the gift, but if the paper is cute, I don't think it will be a big deal for him or her.
Tip no 8. If you have a small gift, just wrap it normally and then add a white tread.

Tip no 9. Earlier I have wrapped my gift with a sheet of piano notes. Gift looked really pretty, especially, when some kind of additives were added. Tip no.10. Wrap a gift like a deer. It's super sweet, especially perfect for little kids, they will fell happy even if the present isn’t opened yet.
I hope you are having great time my lovely readers! Have a very merry Christmas! Wish you all the best and thank you very much for reading my blog! It would be nothing without you!

Love ya all!
Xoxo Kotryna

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