7 Jan 2018

Sporty fashion

Ciao guys! New weekly post as usual.

Hoodie/ Nike Jordan
Pants/ Stradivarius
Belt/ Mango
Shoes/ Office London

This time I have decided to do a bit different post. It's mostly how to wear over-oversized hoodie. I think that it looks perfect with over the knee boots. I wouldn't put pants on this look, as this hoodie is just like a dress, but, unfortunately, it was too cold to not wear it. It's winter, although not a very cold winter in Lithuania, but it still is. So, if it's spring/autumn you can wear only oversized hoodie, with over the knee boots. So, at first, I didn't know which type of belt should I add to this hoodie. Then I thought that hoop belt should be perfect for this look. As it's still fashionable. I guess you have recently noticed that I am obsessed with sporty style. It's very comfortable, all those oversized clothes, sneakers, sweats and etc. However I like all types of clothing as I think, that every style of clothing added can make a perfect style mix.

I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers.

Xoxo Kotryna

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