21 Jan 2018

Pastel winter

Ciao guys! A new weekly post as usual!

Shoes/ UCB
Pants/ H&M
Bag/ Marc Jacobs
Sweater/ some French shop

You can't imagine how much I wished for snow recently. It just makes all your pics winter themed, as I needed winter themed pictures for my insta feed haha. Coz snow is needed in wintertime not at spring.

I love this outfit. It's just perfect for winter time, although not in Lithuania, probably in any other country where the winters are warmer.
So finally my first term is coming to the end, so there won't be as many tests. Finally, time to relax a bit.
You may have notice that I have dyed my hair. I wished to do it sooner but I didn't have much time to do it.
Sorry if my writing recently seems a bit off, it's mostly because I am so busy at the moment. There is a lot of work at school, but also extracurricular activities take up most of my time. However, I hope soon I will have more time, and more interesting ideas will be shared with you guys.

I hope you are having a great time.

Xoxo Kotryna

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