14 Jan 2018

Winter coldness

Ciao guys! New weekly post.

Hat/ Stradivarius
Earrings/ Gina Tricot
Skirt/ Molly Bracken

It was super cold when I took this photo shoot (about -8 degrees Celsius). I was so cold, good that this sweater is warm enough. Btw I love how this sweater looks like! I have recently dreamed about knitted sweater with big knits. And I found in Y.A.S. I also love how these glittery shoes looks like. They are hiker ones, just perfect for cool (not freezing) winters. I guess you have already noticed that tassel earrings are such a trend right now. And they are just great. If you wear them with comfy sweater, they will add elegance to your look, and if with dress you are ready for party season.I have forgotten to add a bag to this look. However, all kinds of colors bags should match this outfit perfectly as the top colors are grey (and silver) and black. The most perfect one would be red or purple (coz these colors are so trendy right now.)

Next week is going to be crazy for me as usual, coz the 1st term is coming to an end, and some things have to be written, and grades have to be gotten.

I hope you are having great time my lovely readers.
Xoxo Kotryna

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