1 Apr 2018

Wide denim

Ciao guys!
New weekly post, as every week.

Coat/ Max&Co
Shoes/ Zara

So, you know that wide denim jeans are really trendy right now. I believe that they are just too good, not to be worn. So, this time my outfit consist of wide denim jeans/crop flare jeans. However, this time I have made an entire photoshoot, with different looks, but today I am going to post just one look. So, that you would stay interested how my other outfits look like. This new jeans trend is something I can't resist. I guess at first, 3-4 years earlier, when I wasn't so aware of fashion, I would have said that wide jeans aren’t for me. But the time passes, everything changes and I guess your point of view changes as fast as the fashion.
This camel coat, looks just too good, with these denim jeans. I think that, dessert sand color, is one of the perfect colors for every outfit. It matches your occasional or casual clothing as well.
If you want to see, the other looks with these jeans and shoes, make sure to follow me on blog and instagram, because I will post these looks really soon.

P.S. happy Easter to you guys!
I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers.
Xoxo Kotryna

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