8 Apr 2018

to be continued is continued

Ciao guys! A new weekly blog post as usual.

Scarf/ Vintage
Top/ Egy boy
Jacket/ Imperial
Belt/ Stradivarius
Glasses/ Zara
Earrings/ H&M

So how was your week guys? I finally got a week of holidays, to relax a bit. But my English exam, speaking part was during the holidays too. However, I kind of don't care what kind of result I will get, coz I have already passed an English test. One less exam to pass.

So my outfit is still from previous photoshoot, which was the biggest this year, with different looks. So, as I promised you, I continue this photoshoot posting.
About the look. I got obsessed with wearing belts. I believe that it can make your every look prettier and more femine. And I wanted that this look would be more femine. Especially with flare jeans. If you have seen my previous look, you can notice how I wear these flare jeans. I think that it look best with not an oversized top. However, I believe that you can rock it with oversized one, too!
Which style inspires you most? Personally, I love the retro one. Especially 1950's one. These dotted dresses, pin up style is something what inspires me most. So this scarf on my head, looks like typical accessory for this style. But I am a fan of many other styles, and many other looks. I believe if a person can rock this look, nothing is more prettier and fun.
Xoxo Kotryna
I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers.

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