18 Mar 2018

Spring like Winter

Ciao guys!
A new weekly post as usual!

Coat/ Tutto per te
Sweater/ Sisley
Luggage/ TATA
Scarf/ Aldo
Jeans/ H&M
Shoes/ Venezia

You can't imagine how much I want the spring to come. It still feels like winter, freezing winter by the way. I have many photoshoot ideas in my head, but I still can't do them (unless I want to freeze to death). So, due to the weather I still have to do winter photoshoots. Although without snow. Everything for my readers ahah.

As you may have noticed the main color for my look is desert sand color. I just love this color! It literally can match every color that you are wearing. The funniest part is that I found out about this color’s beautifulness just recently, and how it looks beautiful on me haha. I don't know if this trend already exists, but I think that scarf with jeans is so cute. Especially if the scarf is tied like a bow. Was I the only one obsessed with bows in my younger days? Can't forget this trend till now. I guess it's to girly to be forgotten.
So make sure to follow my blog, coz I promise you, my outfits,spring ones, will be worth your time. I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers. Love y'all so much.
Xoxo Kotryna

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