4 Feb 2018

Somewhere in between

Ciao guys! A new weekly post as always every Sunday!

Coat/ UCB
Bag/Elisabetta Franchi
Sweater/ Fame/ Beauty Women
Pants/ Lindex
Shoes/ Nike
Belt/ Mango
Earrings/ H&M

This time my main color as you can see is black and the accent is orange bag. Personally I just love how this bag matches my lipstick. When I bought this lipstick I didn't expected that it will match my bag so perfectly. As I didn't expected to like Claudia Schiffer lipstick collection so much. I believe that a great color lipstick which matches your personality is the best accessory for every girl. That's why I have so many different shades of lipsticks, lip glosses and etc., I even can't count them all haha.
I just love these checked pants, which I got as a Christmas gift. They are so comfy, it feels like I’m wearing sweats, but I’m not. And they match everything you wear, because of black and white colors. It's so strange that it's already February. It's cool, because summer is nearing with every second, however, my exams are also. However, don't be afraid, coz I still gonna post my looks and write blog posts, coz not only is it my passion, but also my English skills are improving as well as creativity.
Xoxo Kotryna
I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers.