25 Feb 2018


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New, weekly post as usual.
Sorry for skipping last Sunday, but I had just returned from my trip to Bari, which I am going to write about now. So, due to the lack of time, I am posting this trip review now.

So as you know, Italy is one of my most favorite countries in the world (ofc I haven't visited all the countries yet) but for what I have seen it really is. Not only do they have a perfect climate there, but also food is fantastic as well as architecture, people and the great coffee. There are many stories about special Italian food and ofc the wonderful coffee. But now, I should talk about all Italy but about Bari.
Bari is the city in the south of Italy, the capital of Puglia region. There is an airport and a port in this city, so it’s not hard to get there. I have been there for five days, and there is my review. First of all, about the food. So, TripAdvisor recommended to visit and try the best focaccia in town at Panificio Santa Rita. It's worth to wait in the line, which you notice as soon as you get to this cafe.
What I have noticed is that in Bari food is a bit fat that's why one sandwich is enough for the day. What you should try definitely is sea food, especially swordfish. However, sea food isn't really popular here, because it took a while to find a restaurant where sea food is present.

It's definitely worth to shop in this city. In Italy every clothing shop is unique and different from other countries. There you can find beautiful stuff, not only clothing but shoes and accessories as well. Personally, I have bought many things, so check my blog and instagram to see, what I have bought.
The best part of the trip was the weather. It was warm enough, not like in Lithuania, for example today is very cold, -13C with snow and cold wind.

So I highly recommend to visit this city, not only for fashion lovers, but also for people who missed tasty coffee, food and amazing people.
I hope you are having great time, my lovely readers

Xoxo Kotryna

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