6 May 2018


Ciao guys, new blog post as every Sunday. You may have thought that I have forgotten to post my outfit last weekend. However I haven't. I was just to tired to do something as well as my trip wasn't over at Sunday. So enjoy my outfit and my trip to Warsaw.







Top/ Zara
Belt/ Tom Tailor
Pants/ Stradivarius
Shoes/ Nike
Bag/ Black mama

So last weekend I was travelling to Warsaw. It should have been a small trip before exams, that are coming to fast. And it was wonderful.
So I have stayed in Hilton Hotel in Warsaw. It was nice, although a bit far from city center 700 meters, somewhere, but it was good to spend a luxurious weekend.

I haven't visited all places that I thought I will as I didn't have much time. So I hope it's not my last trip to this wonderful, fashionable city.
So,the purpose of this trip mostly was to take different photo shoots for my blog as well as to relax before the start of my exams. So, you may already know that the exams session has started in Lithuania and the first exam was English. However, it's not the scariest one for me, because I have passed international English exam. So, I took this exam, just too see how much I have forgotten in 2 and a half months.

So, this time I have chosen a more summery look, for warmer weather. These white jeans are perfect for such weather. I have matched them with flowery shirt and sneakers. Other shoes would have looked great too, but for travelers sneakers are the best shoes. Especially when you walk almost 30 kilometers per day, and can't feel your legs anymore. For the evening look I wore white jeans as well with glittery top. I love this top, as it can be perfectly worn with denim jeans and your outfit will still look festive and amazing.
Xoxo Kotryna
I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers.

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