27 May 2018

Denim princess

Ciao guys!
New weekly blog post as usual!

So recently, Saturday I have just had my first serious biology exam. You wouldn't believe but I have had butterflies in my stomach ( feeling too anxious) although biology isn't the most important exam for me. But still you want to pass it with flying colors or sth, so you have to learn a lot. However, this post isn't about my exams. It's about fashion as every other post are. So this time I have chosen one of my favorite denim jacket that I have in my closet. It has transparent back and I think it looks awesome when you are wearing top with text on the back. So I have matched this white glittery skirt with this denim jacket, to at to this glamorous look a rock accent. As when I am wearing high heeled shoes, as I do that rarely. It's so great that the weather is great now, so you can rock every look, which is suitable for warmer days, as almost all my photoshoots are made in bad weather, but you get used to it haha.
So can't believe that Tuesday is my 19th birthday. It's almost before the most stressful exam, Lithuanian's. The most stressful year, this year is haha.
 So I hope you are having great time my lovely readers.
Xoxo Kotryna

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