27 Nov 2016

Hipster school girl


Tank top/Zara
Pants/ Big star denim
Shoes/sorry I can't remember
Bag/ Keep an eye leather
Bracelet/ Rene deco

So this week was kind of crazy, good that I had a bit free weekend, so I could relax. Of course newt week I will write a few test(I hope not, lol). So my biggest life savers during school time are friends, new posts writing and ofc basketball(I guess, non of you knew that I‘m a big basketball fan)
So for this new post I decided to wear something more suitable for school.(Ofc not mine, coz we have uniforms).I just love these shoes! They add some spices to style, you know you can wear all black, and they will still make you look original.I‘m the person, who pays bigger attention to details, than clothes.
Oh I almost forgot to mention Keep an eye leather . They literally make great bags, that I definitely recommend buying!

So I hope you are having great time!


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