11 Mar 2018

Remeber forgotten

Ciao guys! A new weekly post as usual.

Sweater/ Urban Revivo
Skirt/ H&M
Bag/ Black Mamma
Shoes/ Sisley
Fur/ Hat / Earrings / H&M

Due to the cold that I caught recently, I couldn’t take any new pictures, so the ones I’m using now are from a photo shoot before. I took this photoshoot in September I guess, but I never was in the mood to post it. Or had better ideas haha. So I am posting it now. Do you remeber how leather skirts were trendy earlier. So, I have decided to revive this trend. I think all types of skirts look so good with sweaters. Plus it’s much warmer than with a shirt. It adds a bit of a casual style look. So, about this sweater. My sister bought it in China. Some Chinese boutique for youth. But just look at it. It has the most popular thing right now, cut out shoulders. And they are tied with bows. I think it's just look super cute. You know that faux fur is still quite popular. So, I added my faux fur jacket on top, to spice this look up. I believe that faux fur will be trendy for a while, because of it's comfortness and warmness. I hope you are having a great time my lovely readers. Xoxo Kotryna

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